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What is Express Pay?

Mable has partnered with Paynow Finance Pty Ltd to offer a new feature called Express Pay. Express Pay allows independent support workers on the Mable platform to fast track their payment, for a fee of 2.5% which will be deducted automatically from the value of the invoice by Paynow Finance Pty Ltd.


How does Express Pay work?

During the trial period, Express Pay will be available on any new invoices generated after support sessions are approved. Express Pay can be accessed through the “Timesheet” tab which is located on the dashboard of the Mable platform. When you select a timesheet with Express Pay available, we will show you the other timesheets that are on the invoice and will also be Express Paid, should you select it.


How much does Express Pay cost?

To process Express Payment, Paynow Finance will charge a 2.5% fee which will be deducted from your invoice amount. This fee covers the risk of the invoice not being paid.


Why is Mable offering Express Pay?

We understand how important prompt payment is to you, as small business owners. As a result, we’ve listened to your feedback and introduced Express Pay to improve the readiness of your payment. We’ve partnered up with Paynow Finance Pty Ltd to offer this feature.


What is Pay Now Pty Ltd?

Paynow Finance Pty Ltd is a company that purchases your Support Worker invoices and takes on all responsibility for collection from the client or funding organisation.


What happens to my invoice if I Express Pay it?

Your invoice will essentially be ‘sold’ to Paynow Finance Pty Ltd who will then take responsibility for collection.


When can I expect payment for invoices that are Express Paid?

You can expect funds to be in your bank account within 3 business days.


How long do I have the option to Express Pay an invoice?

The Express Pay button will be available for 14 days from the date the invoice is generated, and after that will disappear. If the invoice is paid before the 14 days, the button will disappear and you will see ‘Paid’ as per usual.


Does my client know I have Express Paid an invoice?

Your client will not be advised or see that you have chosen to Express Pay your invoice as this is something that you, as a sole trader, have chosen to do.  Your clients are still obligated to make payment for that invoice.


Does Express Pay impact my tax?

The Express Pay fee will reduce your assessable income if you choose to use it.


What are the Express Pay Terms of Use?

Terms of use can be found here.

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