How to find a care worker on Mable

This video is about how to find a care worker on Mable by searching, filtering and posting jobs.

Step one: If you are looking for a care worker, there are two ways to get to the ‘search’ page. If you are logged in to your account, there is a ‘search care workers’ button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Another way to get to the ‘search’ page is to visit our homepage and select ‘find a care worker’.

Step two: Once you get to the ‘search care workers’ page, you will need to enter a suburb or postcode. Search results will show only care workers who are offering services in that suburb.

Step three: You can also filter by the type of care worker, e.g. services, gender, or language.

Step four: There are several options for messaging care workers on Mable:

  • Option 1: Go to the top of search results and click ‘post job’. This will post a message to all care workers that have matched your search results.
  • Option 2: Contact care workers individually by visiting their profile and clicking ‘contact’ in the top right hand corner.
  • Option 3: Make a shortlist when searching by clicking on the star next to the care worker’s name. Once you have selected your shortlisted care workers, you can go to your ‘shortlist page’  which can be accessed via the left-hand side of your screen. On the shortlist page, you can see which care workers you have selected and ‘post a job’ to all of your shortlisted care workers.




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