The NDIS told me that I need a service agreement with each support worker that I hire. Is this true?

There have been some differing opinions but to be safe, it is a good idea to have some type of agreement in place. On the Mable platform you can agree on the dollar amount and the services that the person you’re engaging with offers to do for you – this substitutes as a service agreement. It is an individual decision. Some people like to have an agreement for every person or support they engage, while other people are not so concerned about it. Our advice is to have a service agreement with people. It doesn’t have to be a massive 50-page document, it can be as simple as:

  • this is who you are
  • this is who I am
  • this the hourly rate we’ve agreed to
  • these are the services you’re offering.

When you engage supports through the Mable platform, your worker will provide you with an offer outlining the services, rates and schedule that you have agreed between you. Upon acceptance of the offer, you effectively have a service agreement that clearly outlines your expectations.  

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