I thought that if you were NDIS-managed that you had to use registered providers? I didn’t think that Mable was a registered provider?

Mable is not a registered provider, our model is supported by the NDIS and we do have some workers on the Mable platform who are registered. If you are agency managed by a traditional provider, you can still use Mable. It all comes down to what the provider is registered for. Some big providers are registered for core supports, that allows them to broker out those services or how they can look into getting those services happening for you. As they’re registered for those core supports, it gives you choice and control to broker out your supports.

If you are NDIS-managed and unsure of whether you can use the Mable platform, we encourage you to call us on 1300 73 65 73 to talk through the details of your plan. We have many clients we have worked with to have their plans reviewed and structured in a way that will enable the greatest choice and flexibility.

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