What if a client or care worker suggests scheduling care and making payment outside Mable to avoid paying Mable’s fees?

Our fees enable us to continue to grow the Mable community and deliver innovative technology and solutions for the benefit of clients and care workers using our platform. We have made every effort to ensure our fees are reasonable for the services we offer.

Scheduling care and making payment through the Mable platform ensures there is a transparent record of all care delivered and payments made. Importantly, care workers are not covered by the insurance policies arranged on their behalf by Mable for care delivered outside the Mable platform. If a care worker or client arranges payment outside the platform their account may be deactivated and they could face penalties. For further details see our Terms of Use.

For the safety of everyone in the community, we encourage you to get in touch on 1300 73 65 73 if anyone asks you to arrange payment outside of the system.

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